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Two 12 Fashion Design Bejeweled Stretch Belt

UPGRADE YOUR WARDROBE: A statement belt that will make your figure nicely emphasized. The trendsetting, stylish, and elegant design can be worn on your dress, jeans, pants, and shorts. It's the best way to revamp your current wardrobe!

Exquisite Workmanship: Each waist belt is handmade. Brilliant rhinestones on a stretch elastic waist belt to make your outfit look unique and elegant. The stretch belt is very soft for comfortable wear and of great elastic that won’t feel too tight.

Measurements: Fits XS-XL, 42”/106.68 cm length, 3”/7.62 cm width

Detailed data and Material: High-quality elastic fiber. Highest quality crystal rhinestone

Two12fashion Designer Aaron Weiner is committed to creating these handmade belts with the best high-quality materials. He wants to empower women to stay on top of the current trends and keep their look elegant. One of the best way to do this is by simply adding a standout belt.