Two 12 Fashion

Multilayer Gold Chain Belt

$32.00 USD

Our Multilayer Gold Chain Belt is a statement accessory with a sleek, trendy look. This multi-layer gold chain belt is a fashion must-have. 

For the women who are looking for something extraordinary. Chains are on-trend and this is the number one way to show them off. It will compliment any outfit. Not only it is light and easy to wear, but it is also strong enough not to break with everyday wear.

From the powerful designs and high-quality metals, this is the kind of gift for yourself or for your loved ones. The high-quality metal chain is also hypoallergenic, durable, and resistant to rust.

You'll look amazing when you're wearing this true gold chain belt. This elegant metal belt is perfect for the woman who wants a little extra boost of confidence and elegance.

Size chart

Width cm Waist cm Waist inch Size
1.5 103 22-40 XS-XL

Two12fashion Designer Aaron Weiner is committed to creating these handmade belts with the best high-quality materials.

He wants to empower women to stay on top of the current trends and keep their look elegant. One of the best ways to do this is by simply adding a standout belt.

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