Two 12 Fashion

Velvet Diamond Belt

$36.00 USD

Inspired by the various textures of the diamond, this urban belt is the perfect complement to any ensemble. Its smooth, textured velvet adds a classic look while the classic studded diamond is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. 

The beauty of the woman who turns heads and leaves the most lasting impression is that she is wearing a luxury piece that has been handcrafted with diamonds and carefully handmade in 100% authentic velvet. The velvet diamond belt is adorned with sparkling and luminous diamonds in a dazzling contrast of colors that can be mixed to match different coordinates on each belt.

Let your dream of owning a velvet diamond belt come true!

Size chart

Width CM Waist CM Waist inch Size
4 105 22-40 XS-XL

Two12fashion Designer Aaron Weiner is committed to creating these handmade belts with the best high-quality materials.

He wants to empower women to stay on top of the current trends and keep their look elegant. One of the best ways to do this is by simply adding a standout belt.

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